"Summer Internship"

Part 1: "Summer Internship"

I learned to code. As a result, I coded this website.

I spent the summer of 2015 waiting tables and taking a General Assembly Front-End Website Design course. Through the course, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS as well as some JQuery. I applied the skills I learned (as well as some YouTube skills) to code this website. Coding my own portfolio website was easily the most humbling experience I've ever had. No matter how much you think you're right, the code is never wrong.

Overall, a "summer internship" that consisted of waiting tables and learning to code taught me more about people and more about myself than I ever would have expected.


Part 2: Passion Project

A friend and I are in the process of starting our own Kubb company.

What is Kubb?
Kubb is a backyard/beach game similar to horseshoes and bowling.
2-12 players divide into 2 teams.
Teams alternate throwing 6 batons underhanded at the opposing team's 5 back row blocks (known as kubbs).
Once all the blocks on the back row are knocked over, the team can then go for the king in the center.
The first team to knock over the king wins.

There are more advanced rules, but that is the general concept.


We created 7 Mile Kubb.

We named the company 7 Mile Kubb after 7 Mile Island,
the 7 miles of beach that stretch from Avalon to Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

While it is still very much in its infancy, 7 Mile Kubb is a side passion
project that a friend of mine and I began in the summer of 2015.

We spent the first months developing a brand identity, product prototyping, and
designing a mobile platform for people to purchase sets and interact with the brand.