To Chandler -

"You're not the boss of me Chandler!"
Well...looking back, I don't know if I was entirely right.
From the time we were little, you were definitely the boss of me.

A simple promise of one dollar, and you could make me do pretty much anything. Whether it was dressing me up in your life-sized Barbie dress, or demanding that I be Sporty Spice in order to round out your Spice Girls group, you made me do some pretty embarrassing things...and you never gave me a single dollar.

But it's ok, because as we grew up, we got a lot closer as a result.
I could ask you if you approved of a girl I had a crush on, and you would say no.
You would ask me if a dress made you look fat, and I could say yes.

Uncomfortability aside, we could be honest. Uncomfortability aside, you could ask me to be the Man of Honor in your wedding.

Now, as I begin the next stage of my life and career, I can feel confident knowing I can't really embarrass myself much worse. And if I do, maybe you'll actually give me a dollar.