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Kalles (Cal-Ez) Kaviar is caviar from a tube. A household product in Sweden, Kalles is looking to expand into the US. As the strategist, I had to find a group of people in US who would eat caviar from a tube.


American young professionals love having dinner parties. When they have these parties, there is a pressure to impress. From home decor, to choice of alcohol, to preparation of food, everything is scrutinized for cultural intelligence and financial savviness. Kalles is a product that has the appearance of a fancy foreign delicacy, but is quite cheap and easy to prepare. Kalles Kaviar can relieve the pressure by making your party come off way fancier than it actually is.


Kalles Kaviar can disguise your party as a luxurious affair.

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Kalles Kaviar is caviar...in a tube.

In Sweden it isn't so weird. There, they serve Kalles Kaviar on top of everything
from hard boiled eggs to pizza. But it America,
people don't like caviar normally, let alone caviar from a tube.
So how could we possibly sell Americans on the idea of serving
Swedish tubed caviar to their friends and family?


Well, it is Swedish. And it is caviar. And those things at least seem fancy.

Kallis? Kales? If you can't pronounce it, it must be fancy right?
Swedish products have a reputation for their simplicity and elegance.
Even if Kalles Kaviar isn't expensive, it can give the illusion that it is.
Who finds value in this idea of something giving the illusion of being fancy?


American young professionals who love to host dinner parties.

I conducted a survey and multiple 1:1 interviews to understand more about
American young professionals' attitudes and opinions towards hosting parties.
Overall, I found that they feel the pressure to make their parties nice.
While recognizing they don't have the money to make them extravagant,
they look for little ways to elevate their parties with "a touch of class".


Kalles Kaviar has the opportunity to be American young professionals' party hack.

At the end of the day, hosting a party is about impressing their friends.
Kalles Kaviar can fulfill American young professionals' desires
to make parties appear a little bit classier.
A relatively cheap product, Kalles won't break the bank,
but still makes their party Instagram-worthy.


Kalles Kaviar disguises your dinner party as a luxurious affair.


Concept: The Luxury Hacker


We elevated the brand through a new logo, typeface, color scheme, and packaging.


Playing Spotify or Pandora at your next dinner party?
Keep an ear out for Kalles Kaviar's official radio introduction.


If your scanning wedding magazines, style websites, or Pinterest for party ideas,
you'll stumble upon Kalles Kaviar's print and digital ads.


Logo Redesign

To elevate Kalles Kaviar, we updated the logo and packaging.
The fresh colors and fishscale pattern give
Kalles Kaviar's packaging and branding a new high-end feel.


Spotify Radio Spots

Rather than spending 3 hours preparing a playlist,
American party hosts often turn to Spotify or Pandora for their party music.
A party-hack that Kalles can respect, playing Spotify at the party makes
Kalles want to join in on the fun.

[3 Radio Spots]