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The choosiest moms no longer choose JIF. They choose local organic artisan nut butters. We need to give JIF a renewed voice that connects with the moms who still use it.


A long time ago, JIF ushered in an era of moms comparing themselves to eachother. But now, it looks like the whole choosy thing has gotten a out of control. Mom wars are upon us, and JIF needs to put an end to the war.


JIF must put an end to the war it has started, letting moms know they are all perfect because none of them are perfect.

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Choosy moms no longer choose JIF.

Plenty of moms still choose JIF, but the choosiest have left them
for the $8 jars of homemade organic almond butter.
A brand that you used to know what to expect from,
JIF no longer has a clear message because choosiness no longer means JIF.


In many ways, JIF is responsible for this era of choosiness.

But JIF must admit, the whole choosy thing has gotten a little out of control.
When they started it, they didn't mean for it to breed an era of overprotective parents.
From toxin-free toys to compostable diapers to peanut butter free zones of cafeterias,
choosiness has gotten out of control and JIF knows it is responsible.


JIF has caused wars between moms.

Moms now disagree on everything when it comes to child-rearing.
Stay-at-home moms judge working moms for the lack of time they spend with their kids.
While working moms criticize stay-at-home moms for their "lack of professional drive."
JIF has to do something about it.


JIF has the opportunity to end the war.

At the end of the day there is no perfect way to be a mother.
If anything, the helicopter parenting is doing more harm than good.
We get so caught up wanting everything to be perfect,
but sometimes the most memorable moments are the times when everything goes wrong.
A peanut butter brand may have helped start the problem, but it needs to end it.


JIF must put an end to the argument it has started -
JIF would say all moms are perfect because no moms are perfect.


Concept: Every mother knows best.


We updated the logo and packaging to give JIF a modern feel. To go with the new branding, we created print ads to give JIF a new voice.


A JIF branded content app where JIF crowdsources mom stories that are a little bit too much information and anonymously broadcasts them through their social media outlets. Parents and children can like, share, and comment on the posts.


A JIF Beer? Well after a crazy day at work, picking her kids up from soccer practice, and getting everyone dinner then into bed on time, mom could use a Time Out for herself. So we created a beer for moms (and dads) to drink at the end of those long parenting days.


Logo/Packaging Redesign

We modernized the outdated JIF logo by removing the drop shadow,
taking off the serifs from the letters, and then we brightened up the colors.
Additionally, we made some changes to the jar: we shortened the jar, widened the opening,
and smoothed the bottom edgesto maximize the peanut butter you can get out of each jar,
while avoiding the dreadful "peanut butter knuckles".



We launched the new campaign and voice through print in mom's favorite magazines.
The print comes from a voice that reassures moms
they are doing just fine at this mom thing because their moms
didn't know what they were doing either, and they turned out just fine.

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