You know on those crime shows how they always seem to find the key that
unlocks the entire case in some trash can or back alley dumpster?
It seems ridiculous, but despite the bad writing one thing remains unequivocally true:
our garbage explains a lot about us.

Sitting next to our desks, under sinks, and in garages,
our garbage cans overflow with mountains of our own potential incriminating evidence:
old credit card bills, unfinished Post-It note to-do lists, and our balled up bags of Chick-fil-A.
But what’s interesting, is as soon as that last shame-filled waffle fry goes down,
we completely ignore its existence.

We don't take photos of our garbage and put them on Instagram.
The scraps and Post-it notes don't contain the choice words of our blogs or focus groups.
Our garbage isn't crafted, designed, or branded. It's honest and insightful.

Our garbage describes us better than we ever can (and in far fewer words).
So while I may never become the next Gil Grissom,
becoming a better strategist may start by looking inside the garbage.

Christian Clay / Strategist